Plate 4


The Edward W. Miller Family
(Donald's maternal uncle)

Top left: Edward William Miller. June 1904; may be graduation from business college.

Top right: Edward William Miller. (no date) He married Ruth Young while they were both teaching at Chaffey Union High School in Ontario, California. He later became a building contractor and master cabinetmaker with a specialty in marquetry (inlaid wood).

Bottom left: Ruth Young, 1910.

Bottom right: Miller family circa 1939. Left to right in the back row: Edward William Miller, Frederic Young Miller (1921-1970), Hugh Cozier Miller (b. 1924); front row: Grace Elizabeth Miller (Bullen 1926-2000), Ruth Young Miller, Ruth Ellen Miller (Collings b. 1929). Edward and Ruth had five children. John, their first baby, died in infancy. Edward Miller died in 1964; he was preceded in death by his wife, Ruth, in 1951.

Excerpt from Donald B. Johnson manuscript:

"Uncle Edward sent us a big box of tangerines from California one year. They were kept at the bottom of the basement stairs and it was my job or privilege to go down and get three every night -- a big one for me, a middle-sized one for Daddy, and a small one for Mama. I've been told that I never got fooled on the size!" [4.52-4]

Note: Ruth (Miller) Collings, Edward's daughter and one of Donald's first cousins, provided a copy of a 12-page manuscript her father had written in 1960 of his growing up years near Ashby, Minnesota. The entire document, plus a news story and photos, is linked below:


The Grist Mill

Life On The Farm

"Snowshoes" - How Edward Made His Own Skis

School Days

Early Employment

Marquetry: Inlaid Wood Tables

More Inlaid Wood Pieces

Dave Ring's Inlaid Wood